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3e Training - Presenting Professionally to Clients & Colleagues


To give project and sales staff the skills to present powerfully and use appropriate behaviour when dealing with clients.


The participants will consider and develop the following skills and knowledge:

  • Make use of appropriate behaviour when participating in client presentations and meetings
  • How to start and finish when delivering information
  • How to prepare presentations, using the 3e Presentation Process, in a way that saves time and includes all relevant information.
  • How to assess and respond to client need during presentations
  • How to deliver in an enthusiastic and entertaining manner that distinguishes you from your competitors
  • The best way to deal with questions
  • The most appropriate use of PowerPoint and other media.

Appropriate for

Sales and project staff, from any level or background.

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I have never enjoyed a course (particularly involving lots of presentations!) so much.
Katie Barnes, Department of Health

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