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3e training

3e Training - Train the trainer


To give course members the opportunity to develop, improve and practise the skills required to design, prepare and deliver workshops and training.


To promote confidence and competence by developing the following skills necessary for memorable training events:

  • Setting realistic objectives for training
  • Designing training that is responsive to the subject matter and the audience
  • Using appropriate behaviour – to maximise your presence and engage the audience
  • Preparing quickly and efficiently using the 3e Training Process.
  • The uses and abuses of PowerPoint, and the alternatives
  • Taking risks- being creative
  • Starting and finishing well
  • Assessing and responding to audience needs
  • Delivering persuasively in an enthusiastic and entertaining manner
  • Being flexible; thinking on your feet to deal with questions

Appropriate for

This training is suitable for those with or without experience of training or presenting

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